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Get in Touch with Us for Reliable Transmission Repairs in Peterborough

Are you having trouble shifting your gears? It could be time for a transmission check-up. Turn to Parkway Radiator & Transmission Service for quality transmission repairs in Peterborough. The increase in temperature of the transmission fluid reduces its life by 50 percent. This shortens the life of the clutch packs and other components drastically. So, when you notice low or leaking fluid, bring your vehicle to us for a fluid and filter or transmission cooler service. 

We offer free road tests and inspections on any transmission-related problem. You can also rely on us for towing services, if needed.

Transmission Types We Service

Each car component has its beauty, and to service it, you need a specialist. Whether you have a vehicle with manual or automatic transmission, we can serve you well. We service:


Four-wheel drive


Front-wheel drive


Our Specialties

With a wide range of cars and trucks coming into the market, it is essential to be up-to-date with their technology. Our team of experienced professionals has the expertise to work on transmissions of both domestic and global builds. We specialize in:

Foreign and domestic transmission rebuilds

Gas and diesel transmissions

Performance transmissions

Front and rear differential rebuilds

Transfer case rebuilds

Electrical Diagnostic and Trouble Code Diagnosis

Most of the new cars are essentially computers. They contain OBD systems to monitor the performance of the components. These systems generate codes to indicate if something is wrong. It's necessary that technicians understand the codes to quickly identify the problem. Our technicians are efficient and skilled to do electrical diagnostics and understand trouble code diagnosis. Contact us for further information on our special services.

Transmission Slipping

Bring your vehicle to us for quality transmission services and rebuilds.

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