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Get in Touch with Us for General Automotive Repairs in Peterborough

Are you having trouble with your car? You can count on us for professional automotive repair services in Peterborough. From diagnostics to auto repair, Parkway Radiator & Transmission Service provides a wide range of solutions. Our efficient team will ensure that your car and its components get a new life.

Computerized Diagnostics

Usually, newer cars in the market now come with in-built systems to monitor the function of its components. These systems run tests which then generate codes to indicate faults in the components. Our efficient team of technicians understand these codes and provide the necessary repair or maintenance services. We use computer diagnostics to find the source of the issue and work on it. Some of the other services we provide are:

Brake repair

Engine diagnostics and repair

Front-end and rear-end diagnostics

Electronics service and repair


Driveline Issues

A driveline or a drivetrain connects the transmission to the drive axles. At Parkway Radiator & Transmission Service, we also take care of your driveline issues. We provide services for all types of drives that include rear, front and four-wheel drives. We can efficiently fix your drivelines for trouble-free driving.

We also offer towing services, free road tests and inspections.

Call our technicians to book an appointment for your next routine maintenance or car repair service.

Brake and Driveline Repair


Let us connect your drivelines to their transmission and drive axles.

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